Land Title Services In Edmonton

The government of Alberta holds and maintains Land Titles records that are accessible to the public. Land titles have important information such as the current owner and outstanding registered interests in the land like builders’ liens, easements, and more. 

At Riverbend Registry, if you’re the sole owner, tenancy-in-common, or have a joint tenancy, we can perform a land title search by legal land description, land identification number code (LINC), or street address. You’ll be given a copy of the land title for a reasonable fee which will be sent to you by regular mail.

Our land title services include:

  • Surface and Mineral Title Searches
  • Land Title (Documents, Surveys, and Plans) copies
  • Legal Description Services
  • Regular, Certified and Historical Title Searches
  • Document Searches (Caveats, Encumbrances, Easements)
  • Document Registration (Discharge of Mortgage, Transfer of Land)

Land title registrations – Edmonton, Alberta

When processing document registrations, such as transfer of land or a discharge of mortgage, here are a few things to consider.

  • Farm Land Sale – If you’re looking to sell your farmland in Alberta, take into consideration that the term “land” has a broader meaning legally. In conversation, land may be referred to as simply the property. In law, when you agree to sell land, it can include a transfer of crops, buildings, fixtures, minerals, rights, and other rights. 


  • Transfer of Land – When transferring land, you’ll need to know the exact legal ownership terms and conditions including what your land consists of, who has the rights to permanent fixtures, mineral rights, rights over bodies of water on the land, and more. A straightforward transfer of land is to sell everything included on the property while others may want to specify ownership in the contract.


  • Ownership and Restrictions – Understand what kind of ownership you have over the land, such as joint tenancy, sole owner, tenancy-in-common. Who will inherit the land in the event of your death (also known as a “right of survivorship”). Before a land transfer, you will need to consider any restrictions or claims on the property that may interfere, such as someone leasing a part of the property.  


  • Tax Considerations – There are many tax considerations when selling your property as it will affect your income taxes. GST applies to commercial property sales, though an exemption may apply. In Alberta, there is currently no land transfer tax – however, the fees payable to the Land Titles Office increases with the value of the land and mortgage. We recommend that you speak with a professional to understand how your taxes will be impacted.