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  • My vehicle registration expired at the end of July and wanted to renew it, but due to COVID, I was... read more

    ilina goem Avatar
    ilina goem

    I was very impressed by the way Riverbend Registry staff assisted my family. My spouse and daughter both got their... read more

    leon homas Avatar
    leon homas

    I visited Riverbend Registry a few days back for a road test and I am really happy with the level... read more

    Kelly Rohan Avatar
    Kelly Rohan
  • I have been to Riverbend Registry several times over the years. We have found them to be pone of the... read more

    James Thomas Avatar
    James Thomas

    I wanted to apply for a birth certificate for my daughter and was searching for registry services in Edmonton and... read more

    Korbin Miles Avatar
    Korbin Miles

    Excellent work guys! Riverbend Registry helped me with my new license. The team members are extremely patient and friendly too!

    Balraj Singh Avatar
    Balraj Singh
  • Living in Calgary and visiting some relative for the long weekend (I know I know, its the pandemic and we... read more

    Mike Roin Avatar
    Mike Roin

    All of the staff here are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They are very efficient, great service!

    Laura Bhardwaj Avatar
    Laura Bhardwaj

    Very nice and friendly staff. They went out of there way to make a customer happy under these conditions.

    N Joshi Avatar
    N Joshi

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