Authorization for Vehicle Service

Pass the Keys: Entrust Your Vehicle’s Service to Another

Knowing someone else can register your car for you is good if you’re finding life hectic and need assistance. All you need is a Letter of Authorization permitting another person to handle your vehicle registration for you. At Riverbend Registries in Edmonton, we make it simple with an Authorization for Vehicle Service form. This document gives the power to someone else to manage your vehicle registration duties on your behalf.

Vehicle registration

When is an Authorization for Vehicle Service Required?

In Alberta, signatures from all parties to be listed on the vehicle registration and everyone named on the bill of sale are obligatory for registration alterations. Everyone needs to be physically present at the registry office for such services. However, this may not always be possible, so our solution is the Authorization for Vehicle Service form. If you cannot be present at the office, this form allows you to assign someone else to do it for you. The Authorization for Vehicle Service form must be used when you cannot personally visit our Edmonton Vehicle Registration offices for the following:

  • First-time vehicle registration
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Vehicle registration transfer
  • Vehicle registration cancellation

To download the Authorization for vehicle service form click here

Official Authorization for Vehicle Service Form

We prioritize authenticity and official processes. Consequently, all authorizations must be done using the official Authorization for Vehicle Service form provided by Service Alberta. We encourage you to download the form, complete and sign it, and have your proxy bring it to our registry services in Edmonton if you anticipate needing it. Note: Unofficial forms or documents won’t be accepted.

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