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To take a basic or advanced road test in Alberta, you must hold a valid operator’s licence for a period of one to two years. There are several documents and items that you must bring with you the day of the test.

5 Step Checklist to Get You Started

1. What Do I Bring?

  • Current Alberta’s license
  • Insurance and Registration (valid) pink slip for the car you’ll be tested on. Road Test Permit (obtained online or in person ahead of the test).
  • Knowledge Test Permit (if applicable)
  • Corrective lenses (if required)
  • Identification (ID): After you pass your Class 5 GDL road test.

Once you’ve passed your Class 5 GDL road test, you’re required to bring a secondary piece of I.D., such as an Alberta Health Care card or passport, to re-class your operator’s license. If you have questions about what I.D. to bring to your road test, please call Riverbend Registry. For more details on types of secondary identification and eligibility of your road test vehicle, view the driver’s license road test checklist. Note: the car you bring to your road test must be fit to drive. Check for the requirements before you go to your test: Tip: Arrive 15-20 minutes before your road test begins.

2. What if I Need to Cancel or Reschedule my Road Test?

Calls and or e-mails will not be taken to reschedule or cancel your road test appointment. You have to come in person 48 hours prior to the date of the test or call the government telephone number

3. Road Test Eligibility

Always check all eligibility requirements before you book your road test in Alberta. This includes any requirements for road tests that you take, regardless of class. Read through the eligibility requirements and the reinstatement conditions here.

4. Suspensions / Reinstatement Codes / Mandatory Road Tests

Do you have a suspension or need to provide medical records from your doctor before you can register for a mandatory road test? If you’re a mature driver (75 years and older), you’re required to have a medical assessment to keep your license. Here is a quick guide on Information for Mature Drivers. If you’re not sure how reinstatement codes and conditions will affect your eligibility to take a road test, call us at Riverbend Registry and we’ll be happy to help you out. For a list of reinstatement codes and their respective explanations, please read this. If you must take your Class 5 basic road test as a reinstatement condition, check your eligibility or you may lose your road test fees.

Check out Riverbend Registry’s Road Test Policy