Personal Property Services In Edmonton

Did you know that security interests, liens, writs of enforcement, bankruptcy registrations, and other items that fall under personal property must be registered on the Personal Property Registry (PPR) System? The PPR database is used by financial institutions and creditors to obtain credit information on debtors. In some cases, it is also utilized by the government for evidence that can support the seizure and enforced restrictions on personal property. 

Property services in Edmonton allow residents to identify whether that property is subject to another registration before buying or accepting it. For example, you can search whether there is a lien on a vehicle before buying from a private seller. The PPR System protects the rights of buyers and creditors.

Riverbend Registry’s Personal Property Services

  • Financial Interest – You can register personal property items as security that act as collateral against a loan, such as a car, household goods, machinery, aircraft, and more. This protects you against loss, legal battles, or if you’re left with no returned payment. 
  • Vehicle Lien Searches – Before purchasing a vehicle, it’s advisable to determine whether a lien is registered against the vehicle. You’ll need the car’s VIN to do a personal property search or the serial number for other property items in Alberta such as a boat, mobile home, motor vehicle, off-road vehicle, trailer, and aircraft. At Riverbend Registry, we can conduct Personal Property Searches for items registered in a different province.
  • Debtor Searches – We can help you search for an individual or a business that owes you money. This is typically the first step in an investigation to look for a person or entity that is evading its obligations. 
  • Writ of Enforcement – If you are owed money, this is the first step in getting your money back. A Writ of Enforcement is an official notice from the Court of Queen’s Bench that the debtor owes you money and can be registered through the PPR system. 
  • Garageman Lien Registrations – As a garageman, you can register a lien against an owner’s vehicle for repairs, parts, or storage that has not been paid. 
  • Related Writ and Distribution Seizure Searches – This is a court order that allows a creditor or bank to seize property from a buyer when they have failed to make payments on the loan for an extended period of time. We can search whether there is a writ of enforcement seizure on personal property. 
  • Financing Statement Registrations – Individuals and businesses who are owed money can register a Financing Statement against personal property to establish their rights to the secured property. 
  • Amendments, Renewals and Discharges – Need to make changes or corrections to a registered personal property? We can make amendments, renewals, and discharges to registrations at Riverbend Registry. 

If you need more information or assistance with registering or searching personal property items, please contact Riverbend Registry or visit our location in Edmonton. We are open Monday – Friday from 9AM – 6PM and Saturdays from 9AM – 4PM.