Driving Safety Tips, Every Driver Needs to Know

Driving Safety Tips for Man

Safety should be the number one concern for every licensed driver in Alberta. But in 2023, we’re more distracted than ever with everything mobile and on the go!

Driving irresponsibly is causing drivers in Alberta can get their license suspended, so it’s crucial to know the basic safety rules of driving a car. Riverbend Registry provides some safety tips every driver needs to know.

Defensive Driving

A licensed driver in Alberta could benefit from learning the defensive driving rules. A few of these accident-preventing techniques include:

  • Keeping a 2-second distance between you and the car in front of you, in Alberta winters, make it 4 seconds!
  • Be aware of the other drivers around you and their possible intentions.
  • Don’t forget the importance of signalling. At the same time, other drivers can also fail to signal themselves, so keep that in mind.
  • Avoid blind spots.
  • Expect the unexpected from other drivers.

Defensive driving techniques will ensure you keep your license and possibly even lower your insurance in Alberta!

Safety Awareness

Distracted drivers can unintentionally go over speeding limits, run through stop lights/signs or rear-end another vehicle.

Internal distractions such as texting and arguing with passengers can cause a driver to lose focus on the road. If something falls on the floor, do not attempt to retrieve it while your vehicle is still moving!

It’s obvious importance to avoid driving while under the influence. Anticipating danger also goes hand in hand with preventing internal distractions. Keep an eye open for potential threats to give yourself more reaction time when avoiding accidents.

Focus on the Road!

Lastly, every licensed driver in Alberta or anywhere else should be focusing on the Road! Ignoring distractions and avoiding multi-tasking can be crucial. Feeling unwell, tired, or exhausted? Don’t drive.

Remember to slow down, go the speed limit and pay attention to road signs. Speeding is not only a threat to you and other drivers but causes drivers to miss these critical signs that were built to prevent accidents.

Vehicle Safety

If you want to keep a good driver’s record in Alberta or possibly re-class your license, it’s important to remember these safe driving tips. Click here for more guides to driver’s operation and vehicle safety.

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