What is a Raffle License and Do I Need One?

If your organization is planning to run a raffle during an event, there is some key information to know about the raffle license application process to help protect you and your group.

Before you head to your nearest registry office in Edmonton, take a look at this guide that Riverbend Registry put together to help you prepare for your raffle license application.

What is considered a raffle?

By definition, a raffle is any lottery scheme where ticket purchases pay for a chance to win a prize.

If you’re organizing the following, a raffle licence is needed:

• 50/50
• Sports draft pools
• Gift basket draws
• Table draws
• Poker rally
• Squares board
• Chase the Ace
• Wine basket draws

You do not need a raffle licence for:

• Silent auctions
• Live auctions
• Bottle drives
• Donations
• Free giveaway contests
• Fundraising sales

As a rule of thumb, any time your guests pay a price for a chance to win a prize, a raffle licence is needed.

Who is eligible for a raffle licence?

Non-profit organizations, charitable groups, and religious groups can apply for a raffle license if their structure follows AGLC’s policies and the money earned from the raffle supports the organization’s programs.

For-profit businesses, individuals, and governments are not eligible to apply for a raffle licence.

Important Note: Running a raffle without a licence is a serious criminal offence.

Once your eligibility is determined, Riverbend Registry is then able to issue your raffle licence application.

How can I apply for a raffle licence?

Edmonton registries require the following information for your raffle licence application:

• Must be 18 years of age or older to apply
• Your organization’s full name and address
• Chairperson’s full name and address
• Details about how the profits will be used
• Ticket price and number of tickets printed
• Description and retail value of prizes
• Cost of hosting the raffle

A complete application will take three to five business days to review. Upon approval of your raffle licence application, Riverbend Registry will issue your raffle licence.

To start the application process, contact Riverbend Registry today.