When And Where To Renew Your Vehicle Registration In Alberta

In Alberta, it’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle and can lead to a minimum fine of $230. The purpose of vehicle registration or registration renewal is to let the province know that you legally own the vehicle and for the province to track vehicles on the road. You’ll need to renew your registration before or on the date your current vehicle registration expires. 

Quick facts about vehicle registration in Alberta

  • Alberta does not send reminder letters – As of April 1, 2016, the Alberta government no longer sends registration renewal reminders. It can be easy to forget when your vehicle registration is due and let the date slip past, leaving you vulnerable to being pulled over and fined. Be sure to set up a personal reminder for yourself so this doesn’t happen.
  • You can sign up for the Alberta Renewal Reminder service – Alberta has a free service that will automatically send you a renewal reminder over email or text (or both) when your vehicle registration renewal is due. You can also set up reminders for other renewals such as your driver’s license renewal and corporate returns. 
  • The expiry date is based on your surname – If you’re ever unsure about the expiry date on your vehicle registration, you can check Alberta’s vehicle registration expiry chart here. If you legally change your surname, it’s good to be aware that your vehicle registration renewal date will change.
  • You can complete your renewal online – If your renewal is straightforward, you may be able to complete your vehicle registration renewal online. If any of your information has changed, such as your address, you’ll need to come into our registration offices to complete your renewal.
  • You must pay any outstanding fines at renewal – If there are any outstanding tickets or fines on your account upon renewal, you’ll be required to pay them in order to renew your registration.

What you need to renew your vehicle registration

Vehicle registration is typically straightforward. You won’t need proof of ownership unless you are transferring your registration to a different vehicle or you’re newly registering a car. If you’re renewing in person, you must have:

  • Proof of valid insurance for the vehicle. Insurance must be under the name of the person registering the vehicle.
  • Acceptable identification. 
  • Proof of legal name change, if applicable.
  • A parent or guardian present if you are under the age of 18.

Other vehicle registration services

You can renew your vehicle registration at Riverbend Registry. We provide complete vehicle registration services, including:

  • New Vehicle Registration – Please bring proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, lease, probated will, or letters of administration.
  • Transfer of Registration Renewal – You transfer your registration and license plate to a different vehicle. You’ll need to bring proof of ownership and proof of valid insurance for the vehicle you’ll be transferring the registration to. 
  • Temporary Permits – Temporary permits are typically issued if you need to drive your new car to an inspection facility before doing a full registration. 
  • Personalized Plates – We process requests for personalized license plates that are appropriate and non-offensive.
  • Disability Placards – We issue temporary, long-term, and permanent disability parking placards for people who can’t walk more than 50 metres or 164 ft. 
  • Antique Car – The vehicle must be over 25 years old to be considered an antique and operated as a collector’s item. An antique car cannot be the main vehicle you drive.

If you have a unique situation or you need more information about registry services, give us a call and we’d be happy to help!